Where to start with optimising my site?

Hi all!

Wondering if anyone can advise

My website https://www.neongru.com/ is pretty slow to load, I get a score of 11/100 on Google analytics. I just upgraded to a CDN but that hasn’t helped much. I’m aware there’s a few warnings on the console… But I’m still very amateur when it comes to this stuff

I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to learn about how to speed things up? I’m using Foundation/Rapidweaver 8/Stacks and plenty of BWD/1LD/Joe Workman stacks

I’ve heard of Cloudfare… Is it a good idea to point my nameservers to one of CloudFare’s free accounts?

Thanks for your time!

~ Ru

Maybe try to compress the images? It should help the pagespeed.

Looking at pagespeed it’s third party javascript that’s causing your issues.

Not at computer at the moment but how did you add the YouTube videos and shop to you site? They are likely to be causing the delay and poor page speed scores.


A lot of the problem I see is the page size. The Totla wieght comes in at a whooping 36mb’s. a much better target should be around 2-3mb’s. You are about ten times where you need to be.

I noticed that the Web Icon you used is a 7.2mb png, and it’s loaded three times. Web Icons pretty much max out at around 180x180px. The file you are using is much to detailed. A typical PNG web Icon might be 32kb to 56kb’s.

Now the images look to be compressed.

You got a lot (7.92mb) of Javascript loading.

A lot of stuff from Cloudfront (Ecwid store I bet).

@teefers holy sh$t! How did you spot that!! I’ll get on that webicon straight away. Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And I’ll look into Totla weight, sounds important. @soulwa yeah looks like I need to compress some stuff!

@pmjd the webshop is an Ecwid html embed, and also using a MailerLite html embed, which I think both run a lot of Javascript… Not sure how I can optimise those as they’re full packages that come in from the companies. The Youtube videos are from Joe Workman’s YouTube stack

Thanks everyone for your responses :slight_smile:

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