Found it quite frustrating so far and support not much better

First, I’m not a pro website builder. I do this as a favour to some clubs. So I am looking for a fast easy way to get websites up and running. I like templates and some of the RW ones are excellent - I just can’t find a way to change the background images, making the product pretty much worthless. Can anyone please help out ?

Another annoyance is the inability to suck in existing website and modify them p- meaning I have to start from scratch for each one. In this day and age of open source would have thought this was a no-brainer but if anyone has a quick and dirty method of sucking in older websites I’d appreciate it very much.

So far, my experience with Rapid Weaver is pretty negative not assisted by the indifferent manual and I have to say it, support.

However, any assistance would be greatly appreciated and might convert me to a user instead of an “about to de-installer”. ;-0

Thanks again and regards


It’s been a while since I’ve used a theme, I usually use a framework like Foundation or Foundry. With version 8 of Rapidweaver it’s a bit different from the last time I did this.

if, with your project opened up in Rapidweaver, you click to open the list of available themes. Right click on the theme that you would like to use and would like to modify. Choose duplicate. An example, if I was thinking I’d like to use the Mountain Theme I’d make a duplicate, change the name Mountain Copy to something suitable, save. Now when you click the theme button you can scroll down to your duplicate copy, right click, and choose show in finder.

Looking at the file list for my duplicate copy of Mountain I’m seeing a directory called images with a subdirectory call banners. When I open that I find an image called default.jpg

Replace that image with whatever image you’d like to use keeping in mind you would want the new image to be as close to the original size of the default.jpg image as you can. In this case the image size of the original default.jpg is 1800 x 1200 pixels.

If I replace the default.jpg banner image with some tacky family photo and then do a preview within Rapidweaver I see the new image as the banner image.

If the theme has multiple images then just find each of those images in the file list and replace them with a more applicable image.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, Dan,

I’ve done everything you suggest but I can’t find how to do a file listing to get to change the image. The manual is pretty Naff unfortunately and doesn’t show it either.



This video from the site mentions how to modify the banner image on the new inbuilt themes in RW8.

At around 45 seconds @ben describes the procedure to change banners. At 8:40 he demonstrates it on another theme.

You didn’t mention what theme your are using, or whether it’s one of the 5 new themes in RW8. If you are using a third party theme, the procedure should be the same if the theme was created to use this method, or if it has been updated for RW8. If the theme has not been updated to use this functionality in RW8, try contacting the theme developer for directions or perhaps they will update the theme to support this feature in RW8.

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Almost all RW8 themes you can change the
banner in the inspector…easy

Thanks for the reply, yes, I have no problem changing the banners etc. What I am talking about is the theme background such as in the “climate” theme which has a dark background logo entitled “default” that i cannot find any method changing to a picture of my own.

thanks for the reply though.



Thanks, yes I have looked at that video but it doesn’t answer the questions I am asking which is how do I change the background image in a theme such as “climate”?

I’ve tried the Landing, climate and several others with background (not banner) images. I can’t change any of the theme background images.

because RW “hides” all the files I can’t go in and “hack” them either. propriety = bad, open source = good :frowning:

That is the default banner…when you drop a new graphic in the general page or each page…that will change.


Go to the inspector of the page you want to change the background of and click on the Inspector button (right one). Then drop a suitable image onto the ‘Override site banner’ box. This works for all the Rapidweaver 7 and 8 themes plus many third party themes as well.

I’ve changed the background image but it still shows the ‘style’ ie: dark - image attached.

Open your Application folder, RW8 App icon > right click > Show Package contents > open contents > open resources folder > open Themes folder > open Rapidweaver 8 folder > right click Climate > show package contents > open contents folder > open banners folder > rename default.jpg to old_default.jpg > make a new image 1800x1200 and name default.jpg > drop into folder. Open RW8 choose Climate theme.

EDIT - you can play with the banner background settings - add ‘none’, take off overlay to show picture as normal.



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Dave, Thanks very much for the help on this. Saved me a shedload of time and extremely helpful! Greatly appreciated!

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