Which RW 8 theme is better set up for SEO

Hi, I upgraded to RW8 from RW 7. I was wondering if anything has been done reagrding being SEO friendly.
which RW 8 theme is better set up for SEO ? thanks

It is unlikely at this point that there is much difference between the themes. It is not necessary to change themes in the upgrade. Just make sure you are using a fast (not burdened with lots of scripts and effects) responsive theme, have great content and use the meta/opengraph tags.


I agree with @Flash the theme is probably not going to impact search engine rankings much. It’s all about content (text not images).

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Thanks for the responses. I understand content plays an important role. However the tags, placements, and how the content is exposed to search engine crawlers is also very important. Do the themes designers placed main content placed so the crawler see it quickly or at the end of codes? On the face you may see content on top of the page but where are they actually in the coding of page? are they immediately on top or follow after long page of tags and codes which would effect the crawling speed of page and thus placement.

They are all different. Crawlers are so fast these days this is just no longer much if any of a concern. Soooo many other factors matter so much more. Organic links, social media links, internal links, keyword popularity, valuable content, stickiness of the website, etc. If you are changing theme your ranking will likely drop for a few months. That is normal. All other things will remain the same so it should jump right back. Just keep every page title, description and url exactly the same!

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