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Hi All - I have an old website that uses “Its Dirty” theme, - it’s a legacy site but needs to be kept active and I really don’t want to change the theme - especially as most of the included themes in RW7 are so darn ugly. Does anyone have a copy of the theme they could send me so I can update the site?

I simply need to be able to edit the text on the page, I don’t want to rebuild the website… For some reason as I’ve upgraded from 5 to 6 to 7 the original theme has disappeared as I’ve lost the website rw file. I can simply copy the info (it’s just one page with links) into a new site created in 7 with the theme.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

If you consider all built-in themes ugly, buy so-called “blank” theme and design your own look. The problem with legacy sites is they are built upon themes that are long gone, especially if they were designed before “responsive” themes became a trend (a must, I should say) to follow.

Hi Rob,

thanks for your thoughts - thing is, like a lot of people I’m sure, I bought Rapidweaver to avoid having to do any design work on websites (I know a lot of serious web designers also use it but that another story).

I tried Googling “change the banner in RW”, and found a site that offered code to change the banners/backgrounds in Tesla Theme - but it did not work. Point is, I don’t want to get involved in coding, and I’ve tried “so called” (see the way I slipped in a Trumpism there?) blank themes in the past, but it always ended up being far more design/coding work that I’m capable of. I get that software moves on a pace, but if a theme is simply a collection of backgrounds, surely it cannot be so difficult to maintain sites that some of us are perfectly happy with? I do not believe it has to change just for the sake of it…it used to be called branding.

Just my thoughts.

Hi Simon,
A theme is way more than a collection of backgrounds and some older themes that were made for old version of RW and haven’t been updated are no longer compatible. If the developer didn’t update the theme and you can’t then I’m afraid you have no choice, that’s just the way it is. None of my old PowerPC software runs on osX if it wasn’t updated I had to find a replacement :-).

Okay now that thats out of the way.

  1. have you searched your HD for the old theme, different versions of RW store them in different places
  2. If you do not have the .rw file (no back up?) you can’t edit the site with any theme. So you have no choice but to rebuild the site.
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Hi Scott

The site is one page, so whilst the back up seems to have gone astray, it’s no big deal as it’s just info on a simple background. I understand what you’re saying, and have just managed to edit an old theme called Seidenpapier, which I use for my main site at For this I simply created some banners the same size as in the theme, and renamed them to be foot and header.jpg etc. That’s about as much as I can do with editing the theme. I’m going to find something I can replace the banners in a copy of that Seiden theme and create a new one page site. I do get it, of course Power PC, Win XP, etc etc, everything changes. But we’re not talking about hi tech here, just a one page site that is simply there for info. No matter, I don’t really care about the theme it had, I just didn’t want to have to do a whole lot of work to re-build it! My fault for losing the site back up of course…

So I’m just about to upload the edited version with a simple jpg I managed to replace, consider this topic closed now, thanks for suggestions and advice.