Who uses themes?

Just a quick question…

How many Rapidweavers actually uses themes nowadays since the integration of frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation and the Freestacks eco-system?

I ask as I cannot remember when I last actually used a developer theme.

Do developers see a decline in demand for themes?

I must be a dinosaur. Have never used blocks, have never used stacks. I find a theme I like and tweak it within the limits of the CSS I have picked up on the RW forums over the last ten years or so and that does it. I did have Weaverpix and Carousel but lost them in my update from V4 to V6 so am back to the basics again.

My latest update using Rustic - http://fppc.co.nz/

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I always tended towards very flexible themes and I mostly use Foundation and Freestacks now but I can envisage a situation in which I might need to get something up very quickly and would go for a theme which gives me less choice and rather less work to do.

For me, it is much easier to envision the look of my site when I can browse through themes and actually see the possibilities. Then, I pick one that is visually appropriate, unique and pleasing and customize it to my liking. I tried to use Freestacks, but that did not work for me.

I tried a couple of themes but quickly found they were too limiting and it was annoying when I discovered problems or limitations half way through a project. On that basis I think all themes should be provided as demos but personally I’m now using Foundation. I actually purchased quite a few stacks with the idea of working with themes that were later discarded when I moved to Foundation.

Ever wonder why so many themes? You choose what you want, you let the others to you peers. Natural selection, according to Moi. That’s life…

Great feedback!

I think I may have assumed everybody was on the stacks band wagon but maybe not. I used to use themes but I always wanted to tweak the bit I couldn’t :frowning:

I have got the stage where I am thinking of retiring all the purchased developer themes and just use a combination of either Bootstrap, Freestack or Foundation and Stacks

Am I noticing a new paradigm?

First there was RapidWeaver.
Then came RapidWeaver + Stacks.
Now there seems to be a new paradigm slowly developing, RapidWeaver + Stacks + Foundation.

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Stacks and Foundation do appear to have the market share

As far as I am concerned that’s the only show in town. RW together with Foundation and Stacks 3 is an awesome combination.


I only ever use the Blueball Freestack theme now, not sure what the benefits of Foundation are over Freestack but it does give me the freedom I need and I love it :-).

They’re both great. I find custom font handling in Freestack rather less problematic than Foundation.