How can I make a new theme WITHOUT Stacks?

Hi, I’m wanting to develop my own theme but I DON’T want to use Stacks or Foundation.

Maybe I’m not asking the correct questions but a search for

“build rapidweaver theme without stacks or foundation”

doesn’t give anything here and Google keeps showing links using Foundation and Stacks.

Yes I know it’s easier and I know it’s the preferred option for many here but frankly it’s not MY preferred option.

I have nothing against either and I do see their value and merit but that’s a $200 ($304.50 value in my country’s currency) value that I can’t afford to spend on a product that I’m currently only really testing out.

Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?

Thanks for your help folks.

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There are lots of themes…and you don’t have to use stacks…just the pages used in RW.

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here ya go:


But how do I make them? Where do I start? It’s easy to say use this theme and work from there but I need to know to make them? Do I actually use RapidWeaver or do I use another editor? How do I add images where I want them and how big?

I don’t see any useful information on creating themes from scratch and this is my problem. Everything is based around Stacks and Foundation or existing themes.

Forgive me for being so ignorant but because every software does something different is there something that explains the Theme SDK? It’s easy to say “Here you go” but without explanation I’m going to be wasting a whole lot of time working out everything which seems to go against what RapidWeaver is all about.

Hi @lowededwoodie

To make a Custom Theme from scratch you need to know HTML & CSS, then you need to inspect one of the Themes that comes with RapidWeaver and learn as much as you can about the macros used by RapidWeaver to show the content needed.

I don’t think you will find one place where it teaches you how to code your own Theme.



I don’t think he is really trying to make a new theme…he just doesn’t know how to work with what is there.

Victor is correct. I already know HTML and CSS but RapidWeaver has a number of macros that aren’t standard to HTML and CSS. I was looking for a resource that explained all these and how to use them just like I would find in a good Wordpress or JOOMLA tutorial etc.

Fair enough if there isn’t one and I’ll have to reverse engineer something but I was hoping for a quicker way to get started.

Scott (@swilliam) gave you a link to Github above. There is a “Theme Kit” Directory, You will find This:

There is a PDF file called rapidweaver4_themesdk.pdf Thats the closest to what you are looking for. It RW4 and there should be some Readme files for Rw5,6, 7 and 8 the explain the differences.


I’ve downloaded all that and am reading through the PDF.

The example theme isn’t very human readable so I’m going to ignore that and work through the PDF.

Thanks for the help anyway guys.

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Here are some open source themes:


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