Who's using Rapidweaver 8 & who plans to upgrade the next few months?

(Jamie) #1

Just out of interest what version is everyone using? I’m currently using 7.5.5 but plan to upgrade in the next month or two.

(Marc) #2

Using RW 8 and recommend updating asap :wink: RW8 is sooo good!

(Rob Beattie) #3

Still on 7.5.5 and it’s so stable that I’m loathe to upgrade just yet. I will eventually though.

(Lisa Sandler) #4

Working on a test site in RW 8 and hoping to replace my old site in the next couple of weeks.

(Linda Lang Pierce) #5

I’ve been using it since the release day. Love it and have no reservations in recommending it to others!

(Joseph Acevedo) #6

RW 7.5.5 is stable, and I do have RW 8 but there are still issues that show up with the new version. I will continue to use RW 7.5.5 until RW 8 gets a little more stable.

(Raimo Karhunen) #7

I have built a few new websites with RW 8 and working fine! RW 7 has been totally retired.

(Pat Reynolds) #8


(Ken) #9

Users with Version 7.5.5 have the best of both worlds if they upgrade. There are a number of small fixes to Version 8 being very rapidly rolled out. Both 7.5.5 and 8 can be used independently, so the more cautious need not jeopardise important sites. It is highly beneficial for all heavy users of RW to upgrade soonest so any de-bugging can be completed soonest by Realmac. I’m using 8.1 beta 2 and am very comfortable with it - migrating projects to Version 8 went brilliantly, and maybe it’s my lack of perception but I’d don’t seem to stumble upon any bugs. There can be no doubt now that RW is the best of its type in the market.

(Tapio Laakkonen) #10

Using RW 8 and super excited! =)

(Ben Balser) #11

I’ve read posts here about bugs/issues with RW8 that would severely effect transferring the several sites I maintain to it from 7. When those bugs are worked out, I may upgrade. One site is for a TV station, so I can’t afford any down time, no issues, it has to be 100% flawless or we can’t upgrade. So I’m waiting and monitoring the forum to see when it is safe to upgrade our current sites. And then evaluate if we’ll get $60 worth of new product for the money.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #12

Still happily on 7 for the time being :slight_smile: but I have 8 in my pocket.

(klaatu) #13


There can be no doubt now that RW is the best of its type in the market.

Great. Which other ones have you tried to compare it to? I think most other offerings are trying to package what you get with RW + Stacks, rather than just RW. Would be good to know what you were comparing the raw RW product to. Or did you mean RW + Stacks?

(Jayne edwards) #14

Me too, everytime i upgrade i have to upgrade all the stacks and stuff too and keep losing license keys etc

(Ken) #15

@klaatu Of course - I do include Stacks in my appraisal. However, MacFormat is frequently rating RW 7 as the best and as an afterthought mentions that RW also supports thousands of addons (mainly stacks I guess to substantiate this statement). I was a Dreamweaver advocate but find it needs a lot of coding to compete with RW. I suppose what I really like is the ability (because of Addons) to very quickly get the desired end product. There are other addons of course that provide additional ‘Page Types’.