Is there an updated version of rapidweaver revealed?

Is there an updated version? The version I have is from 2009 and is outdated. Is there any recent book on Rapidweaver?

The latest version is 7.5 but version 8 is about to be released.

I can’t speak to 8 but the current version is really good, especially when used in conjunction with the Stacks 3 plugin and associated stacks. It’s amazing what you can build with RW these days.



Rapidweaver 8 is due to launch very soon, this month has been strongly hinted at by Realmac.

There was an ebook by Joe Workman which covered Rapidweaver 5. I think most the content still applies to the current version, 7.

So hopefully all should be revealed soon :slight_smile:

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There were three big blog posts about it:

  • Dan showed off the new icon. And hinted about it being a really big release
  • Ben mentions a whole bunch of new themes that are coming with RW8!!!
  • And check out all the new theme API features that give theme designers way more power.

also: i may have seen it myself. i’m not allowed to talk about that. :speak_no_evil:

ok, ok, i can’t keep it a secret any more!!! it’s freaking awesome! omg!

calm. calm. must stay calm. i’ve already said to much.
i’m better now. i can do this. probably only have wait a bit longer.



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