Why can't I resize the preview window in RW8?

This feature seems to have been removed in RW8, replaced instead with the simulator, which is great, but useless for checking breakpoints etc.

Can it be put back please?

Might check out this post:

I think it refers t the custom setting in the simulator, but that’s not really an option, as leaving the simulator open slows the workflow down massively as it keeps refreshing every time something is changed, plus it’s a PITA!

I just can’t work out why the ability to resize the preview view has been removed.

I agree… I don’t know why things are taken away that work fine. However, I have to say… I think the future of RW is the Simulator, and the POSSIBLE phasing out ofPreview. I could be totally wrong. I’m guessing on this. Could it be a way to “push” people to Simulator instead of Preview? (Is that a black helicopter outside my window?)

If your Simulator is slowing you down “massively” as you say then I’d let @dan and @Isaiah know. “Constant” background rendering seems to be a permanent thing now with the release of 8.

You can switch “Auto Refresh” off, and if you set the simulator window to “custom” you can make it any size you like.

See the attached screenshot:


Hope that helps.

Good point! Thanks Dan. My refresh is actually quite good here. But I others mentioned issues.

Even with auto refresh off, it still often causes RW8 to keep jumping between two pages until restarted.

I do think that Simulator is really good, but I don’t understand why you’re forcing peoples workflow to change, unless there are technical reasons for removing the feature?

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@dan yes, it would be nice to have the old way in addition to the simulator.


The jumping between pages in a “preview loop” is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.


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I also loved the way of quickly checking breakpoints within the preview, especially while working with foundry or foundation.

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I want the resizeable preview back.

Why removing a working and loved feature?
(And why the the new Simulator? Google Chromes Developer Preview and Safaris Responsive View do the job perfectly?)

A big request in the past has been a live preview window, my guess is this is what Realmac came up with. I love the new Simulator, glad it is here.


I do too, but is it and resizing the Preview window mutually exclusive for some reason?

If you didn’t know, you can set the Simulator window to “custom” size and it will allow resize and show window size at top …

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