Finding Breakpoints in Rapidweaver 8

Forgive the stupidity if this is obvious and I’ve missed it but in RW7 resizing the Preview showed the pixel size of the window. Invaluable when setting break points. In RW8 I don’t see that unless I use the Simulator and set it to custom. Not the end of the world but it was nice being able to get the information directly in Preview. Am I missing something? Thanks.


Popping into preview and changing the width of the page is one of my regular processes.
I tried to use 8 but this feature alone has caused me to move back to 7.

This seemed to provide an answer (maybe?) but I can’t find the “options” referred to…

The answer was:

“Use custom settings in the new window.”

What custom settings? New window?

Found it… open the new Simulate window and click the three line options icon at top right. Select “custom” - You can now resize the window and the width and height are shown in the pulldown at the top of pane. I believe the intent now is to use the new Simulate window as an “active preview” (real time preview) of your work (with less dependence on “Preview”. See this “answer” video which Isiah did in response to confusion I had with RW8 preview…

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