Why Chrome says my page is not secure?

I create a website using just Rapidweaver with Foundation plus Armadillo and a couple of Doobox Stacks. Why Chrome is saying that is not secure? here is the page: dearmascomics.com

I don’t use Chrome, but I believe that Chrome now flags sites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed. That could be the problem.


Whilst Chrome doesn’t blatantly exclaim your site as being insecure, it does flag this fact if you click on the information ‘i’ next to your url.

Your site needs a ’ valid, trusted server certificate’ to ensure that ‘the connection to the site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol’.

The following page explains website security:

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I use fatcow.com for my server. Does that mean I need to contact Fatcow and let them know about it?

You need a security certificate. You can purchase one or there are free ones available out there. Not sure what fatcow offers.

You will also need to make some other changes to be sure your visitors are rdieected to the https version once you have it.

Also you will need to make sure all the internal links to your pages use https as well as any links to warehoused images/content.

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This is your url: http://dearmascomics.com
It is not a https: address…thus it is not secure.