With a PHP stack all content is stripped during publishing!

Adding a PHP stack to an HTML page is viewable in preview. However when I publish the now changed to PHP page (as expected) all the content is tripped out during publishing leaving only the header. I am baffled.

Surely, you are aware that a page containing PHP stack or script needs to have .php extension instead of .html?

That’s why it is a good practice to change a default extension to .php for ALL pages.

Thank you Rob, yes I am aware. RW changes the page extension from html to php when a php stack is introduced. I have also tried a test starting with a default php page and again the same problem. The stack is Grid Iron 3 connected to a google spreadsheet. The server is PHP enabled so I am foxed as to what is happening. I guess it must be a server error [404 - File or directory not found].

Its most likely a PHP error causing no content to be served down to the browser.

Thank you. I think so too but don’t know how to fix it. The php page is on the server with its page source but not serving to my browser. Where is the glitch please?

Impossible to know with the data given. What stack did you add to the page? Are there any errors that are obvious in the server error logs?

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