Wrapping Text Around an Image in RW8

I have spent hours trying to figure out how to make text wrap around an image. All I can find are posts about RW7 and older.


If you’re using Stacks, you can do this with @joeworkman’s Floaty stack. It seems to be pretty framework-agnostic. I’ve tried it with Foundry and it worked fine.

If you’re not using Stacks, sorry, I have no answer, but this article has some solutions.


The brilliantly crafted Scribe Stack from @tav performs that duty in its stride



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So, just so I understand:

Now that I’ve paid for RapidWeaver 8, I want to use an add-on in order to achieve one of the most basic actions in web design: Making my image fit in my text. Is that right?

And then I need to pay another $50.00 so that the above-mentioned add-on will work. Is that right?

If so, then the act of creating a simplewebsite is going to cost me, so far, about $150. Is THAT right?

If you ar e just using a theme, drag your image onto a styled text page, or add the image url where you want it in the markdown type page.

Drag and drop the image into a Styled Text page type (included with RW, no need to spend any money). Write your text. Highlight the image. Open the format menu. Choose HTML, align image left (or right) and the text will wrap around it.



If you want to unlock the power of RW, then yes. That small investment will open up a world of design possibilities.

But you can also achieve a wraparound without spending any more money. See my other reply.


Thank you! This was what I was looking for.

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Bless you! I am sure I will one day want to unlock the power, but for now, I’m just a grandmother trying to start a non-profit recovery center and therefore has no money. (We may never have money, but that’s fine.) But right now, we just need something online quick before a statewide summit in 7 days.

Once I have had some time to figure out how to use RW, I will probably be more apt to spend more money on it.

Thanks again!

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RW Community at work… Grandmother wins, Non-Profit wins and RapidWeaver wins!

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