Wrapping text around images

Is there a way to wrap text around an image so that it looks like the attached jpeg?

I am using Foundry with Paragraph Pro as my primary text generator.
All of my fonts are whatever came native with RapidWeaver and/or Foundry.


  1. In Paragraph Pro go to Settings and make sure SHOW Child Stacks is selected.
  2. A blue button with a ‘+’ on it appears
  3. Click that and choose Floating Image
  4. Click the Floating Image child stack (the thing you just created) to select it, then use the settings to align it right.
  5. Use the other controls to adjust the padding, responsiveness etc.


You can do as @robbeattie suggests. That’s fine. But there’s also a Float stack that comes with Foundry.

… bottom line: you want to float the image/text so they appear like above.

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Thanks guys. I have tried both the Paragraph Pro & Foundry Float Stack.
I’m guessing they will probably do what I want .

The settings are not real intuitive though this is probably owing more to my own limitations.
I will try to find a tutorial video about this.

@cabinetmaker Float stack video and tutorial page:

Float is very intuitive (and Paragraph Pro) once you are familiar with the lingo and how it thinks/organizes things.

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I’m having a similar problem but in my case I have a “list” of things with a header for each and a small amount of text to go with it. For some of the items that have the header and text, they also have an image. I tried using Paragraph Pro and the child stack of floating image but the image is “taller” than the amount of text so when I have another header with text immediately below the “header/text/image” , there is empty space between the text and the next header. It looks fine on on an iPhone or iPad but when you go to a large screen, there is so much empty space even when I reduce the image size.
I tried adding margins above the header or below Paragraph Pro but I can never get rid of the empty space - in fact I can’t even see a difference when I’ve added margins or paddings to the stacks. If I reduce the image size to where it isn’t “taller” than the text, the image is too small.
I tried a bunch of ways to fix this- among them using the margins stack, floaty, right floating image and a mix of them with Paragraph Pro and just can’t do what I want. I also tried showing some stacks on mobile and not on desktop but on mobile the text wraps in a weird, unacceptable way. I’ll attach the layout I was asked to do for the website and also the best I could get using Paragraph
Pro for the desktop. Oddly, I did come up with a set of stacks (one set for iPhone and one for desktop) that worked according to what I see in RW8’s simulation for the iPhone but on my iPhone 10, the text was not wrapped correctly.
If anyone has ideas of what stacks to use to get the layout I want, I’d much appreciate hearing them.

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