Wrong language declaration in html document


I just saw that after checking the source code of my website at https://beck-webdesign.de, that the language for the website is set to English, the html lang=EN.

The Settings - General are set to German language, changing for every page the language settings to German doesn’t help either.
In regards of SEO that is really not optimal as the target audience is in Germany.

I am using RapidWeaver 8.0.3, Stacks 3.6.4, Foudry, Potion Pack 1.3.2 and Alloy 1.0.3.

Any suggestions?

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Did you set the language in the Foundry control stack to German as well?

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Hi @Fuellemann, thanks for the reply.

Wasn’t sure about the settings but yes, they are set.
Tried now all possible settings where page language can be set to set in German. Still same result.
The amazing thing is, that the source code is saying EN language, checking the elements is showing DE language. Kind of strange.
I tried now as well on RW 7, same issue.
Verifying with different browsers (Google Chrome, Google Canary, Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition and Safari) whenever viewing the source code (also in RW itself) shows the language set to EN, inspecting elements indicates language DE.

Foundry sets the language on the fly when the page loads via JavaScript. This is why you see it in the Elements view and not the source.

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Thanks @Elixir for the quick reply.

Was wondering what is wrong. All good now.

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