[solved] RW language settings do not work?

I am not able to get a basic feature working as intended: the site/page language setting. Neither the global setting nor the page related settings do change anything nor can you even have page specific setting at all as one custom page setting overwrites all other pages at least in the UI. Has this ever worked for anybody other than the Englisch language?

Is there a solution for this? And no, javascript based solutions are not what I am looking for as they require the page to be rendered in a browser, which is not what search engines do.

Still can’t believe we are a version 8 of the product and such a basic feature seems not to work at this point. Thanks!

Do you mean the Doc Type language? It’s not very clear what you mean, at least to me.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="fr">

Sorry, yes, the doc type.

As you can see above, I changed one of my test sites to French in the General settings, and that changes all pages to French.

But that won’t change the language of the RW interface. Is that what you’re hoping for?

Thats’s weird. Are you sure you are not using some other ways of setting the language, like Foundry has a setting as well, but it just updates the DOM via JS while rendering the page.

If I change the site language to anything else then Englisch, no change at all. In addition, having multiple languages on one site using page specific language settings, doesn’t work either. Even the RW UI is not working as one language setting on one page overwrites what you have specified on another.

And no, I am not talking about the RW tool localization.

I have a test project open which was set to English, I just changed the Site Language in General settings to French, and all the pages output the html lang as French. I didn’t publish the site, just previewed in the browser. Have you updated to the latest version of RW8?

Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 11.25.41

It says “You are up-to-date!” It’s version 8.7. Should be fine.

What happens if you have let’s say three pages and set a different language for each of them in the General Settings - Override Default Settings section in the right sidebar?

It looks like it’s theme dependant. Using Foundation6, the language didn’t change on an individual page. But using Source, the language is different as per the language override setting.

What theme are you using?

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You are right :+1:

Using one of the original RW 8 Themes everything is fine, except that the per page settings still have a glitch when it comes to the RW UI. When you set a page specific language and go back to a different page where you set another language, the menu shows the language from the previous page but the generated code is still correct.

The big question now is why does this obviously only work with newer templates? Somehow RW can’t deal with some templates when setting the language in the template code.

I am using the UIKIt template that comes with those stacks. Will probably contact the developer to upgrade the template. But I still think that this should be fixed in RW to begin with.

Thanks for figuring this out.

I think I know now what the issue is: looks like RW is not changing the doc language in a template as soon as there is already a language specified. After removing the lang option from the UIKit Theme, RW fills in the language setting specified in RW.

So anyone having an issue with this should just remove the lang="…" option in the html tag within the used template.

RW should anyhow be smart enough to overwrite this while generating code.

I’ve just finished some tests. I used UIKIT3 and Foundation6.

UIKIT doesn’t appear to change from English in the doc if I change it to French in the general settings.

Foundation6 does actually change the language in the doc and if you override the language in the page settings, but if you change another to a different language, it changes the other pages to the same language in RW. So it looks like RW isn’t allowing different languages on individual pages.

Did some test as well and actually fixed the UIKit template by removing the language attribute in the template. Now it works. UIKit has still an issue though as it tries to fix the language issue using JS and applying its own logic modifying the DOM while rendering. It comes with its own language setting and overwrites whatever you specify in RW now. Contacted the developer to fix this. Foundation and others might do the same thing, which is now counterproductive.

Interestingly enough my page specific language settings in RW work now, even though the UI of RW says something different. I mentioned this before. For any page related setting RW always shows the last used language you’ve selected on a page, but actually uses the one you originally specified. I just updated my site with 4 languages and everything seems to be fine now.

I hope some stacks & themes developers are reading this fixing their stack and themes accordingly. This is at least true for RW8. Don’t know if previous versions showed a different behavior.

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Here is another finding: page specific language settings work only during a session. As soon as you close and open a project again, all page specific language settings are gone and have to be redone. So, it’s not just a UI glitch, but a major RW bug that needs to be fixed.

Slightly off-topic but @joeworkman’s Agent stacks can not only change the content of a page depending on what language is required, they can also change the “lang” setting. He has a most impressive video about it.

Thanks. Yeah, server-side scripting allows for a lot of cool things as well as fixing the language setting on the server instead of just fixing the DOM, but RMS should definitely fix this issues.

I noticed you informed Lucas on another forum but have you sent the results of all your testing to Realmac? or indeed any other framework/theme devs?

If not might be worth doing as I wouldn’t assume they’d notice a forum post, especially one marked as solved

I send a detailed bug report to RMS already, but no feedback yet. I hope they prioritize it for a soon to come bug fix release.

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