"www" VS no "www" Problem

I’m working on a new website, and when I go to the website WITHOUT “www” in the URL, I can get to the site, but WITH “www” in the URL, it comes up with a 404 Error. Any clues?


You need a redirect from www to the non-www “root” where your site.

www is actually a sub domain of your domain, so if you aren’t setup to use www.etc in the first place then there’s no signpost to redirect to the correct address.

I’ll try to figure out how to do this in my server dashboard. What’s weird is that on the dozens of sites I’ve done, I’ve never before had to do this. Thanks so much for your help!!

Too, I wonder why my banner images aren’t showing up… ??? Hmmmm… !!! LOL

If you’re using an apache hosting package you can set a .htaccess file to redirect visitors from www to the non www.

If you post the url then folk might be able to help diagnose why your banner images aren’t showing up

Ah! Of course… www.monteaglesewaneerotary.org.

I called the host. All is working now. Thanks so much for all your help!

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