Z index problems between Movingbox and Navigator Theme (SOLVED)

Hi you all.
I have a strange behavior on my newly created website.

I’m using the navigator theme from @Elixir and the movinbox stack from @joeworkman.
At the homepage (Aanlegplaats - sorry for the flemish word) you can already see the behavior.
The slideshow made by the movingbox stack from Joe slides above the menu from the navigator theme from Elixir.
I suppose this has something to do with the z index but I can’t change this for either the stack or the theme.
Are there others out here having the same problem.
Who can help me fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.
edit: changed category from stacks to General (because it could als be a theme thing :wink: )

Just add the following to your site wide CSS

	z-index: 1001

Just tried your suggestion.
You made this noob’s day. :smiley:
As I’m not a professional website builder but just do it for fun I’m glad to find the needed help here.
Now I can show off again for the family :grin:
Thanks for your help.


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