10 months later... my website is DONE!

OK. I’m finally done messing around with my website. Developers, please slow down on the awesome new products and updates. I want to rest for a while :wink: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com

Thanks to @willwood, @barchard, @tav, @joeworkman, @instacks, @yabdab, @isaiah, @yuzool and all the super smart regulars that have helped me so much here in the forum.

Any comments welcome :slight_smile:

LOGO: I do want to redesign my logo, but for now I’ve made it a bit more legible, using the background color of the menu instead of a clear png.

thanks, Lisa


congrats! well done. glad to see it live


The colors are a bit interesting (for me!)

phew… :smile:


I cannot promise that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s a wonderful website, but you should rethink your logo - there are a lot of unsharp edges

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I agree about the logo, otherwise well done :slight_smile:

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I’m going to redo my logo :slight_smile:

Never heard that one before but applicable for sure :slight_smile:

This was my 4th incarnation in 6 years :slight_smile:

I thought earlier that logo needs a new life :slight_smile:
How often do you plan to post new blog content? Just for curiosity.

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I suppose now that the website is done, I’ll have more time to add to the blog :slight_smile:

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Missing a “L” in your logo? LISANDER!

Where do you want the extra letter? I’ll add it just for you.

@LSPhoto Your main logo reads LISANDER instead of LISANDLER which is what you would expect for a business with the name LISA SANDLER. Perhaps there is a reason for this but I too thought it was a bit unusual.

Funny, I’ve had that logo for 20 years and everyone reads it as

I think @jojaeger meant @emelon’s mock up, which is missing the “l”.

this is my logo: Note the “l” is alive and well :slight_smile:

I just saw the logo in top of this topic - everything looks fine on homepage :wink:

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That was a mockup suggestion by someone here in the forum :slight_smile: Not my real page.

Hi Lisa,
Great website.
Could you tell me which RW Theme you used?
I like the static menu bar.
Thanks for letting me know.

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@McMari23 I am uisng Foundation with Big White Duck’s Chroma, Top Bar and MagicGellan for the menu bars.