2 column stack not converting for iPhone

I’m using the 2 column stack, and setting it to change to stacked one column on iPhone.
It looks great in RW preview, but it is not changing to one colum stacked on each other when published.
How can I force it to do this?


What version of RapidWeaver? What version of the Stacks plugin? What 2 column stack? Do you have a URL for us to see. A lot of unanswered questions to help us help you.

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RW 6.3.8
Stacks 3.0.5
2 column stack from your head Two responsive adjustable columns 3.00

one example is here

Just replaced the 2 col. stack with Nick Cates Production stack and that does the trick, so I’ll replace all the others now. But still wondering why!

What I can say: It is supposed to work. And it does for thousands of users. I would suspect there is something else on the page, or something in the theme, or some issue with the publishing, or a few put togged that have conspired to cause them to stop working.

I’m afraid I can’t say much more than that without being able to see the problem first-hand – and it looks like you’ve already updated your example link above to Nik Cates – which is great – I’m glad things are back to work for you!!!

If you’re interested in investigating further:

  1. Publish a simple page with only the stacks in question on it – that way we can be sure it’s not something else interfering.

  2. Publish it in an unmodified RapidWeaver built-in responsive theme. That way we can eliminate the theme too.

  3. Publish that page to a test site and send me the link.

And… on the off chance removing all the other things on the page, and the custom theme, resolves the error – well then we know the error is coming from one of those and we can investigate that too.

Even on a relative simple page there can be many bits. And each has an equal opportunity for mischief. The only way to get to the bottom of it is to divide and conquer the problem until its so small it’s obvious. :slight_smile:



Wow Isaiah thanks so much for reply!

Yes I’m thinking it maybe the theme, as it has worked so well for me on other projects.
Also I cant even blame the theme because this is an old project that has been slightly neglected over time, I think I made changes to the theme way back so now that I think of it. I probably deserve problems. (Ruby by Elixir)

Im swamped right now, but when I get a chance will delve into it and post any results.

Production stack working quick magic …so all good

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I’m happy to help you get to the bottom of the problem if you find the time. :slight_smile:

Word to the wise: try not to jump to conclusions when debugging – it usually just slows you down. We don’t know it’s the theme, any more than we know it’s the stack. Jumping to those conclusions just tends to send you off trying to “fix” things that might not even be broken. It could be just one of those things – or none or even both! :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it. THANKS. Will have some down time in 2 weeks and I will go into it then.