Stacks not Stacking' for Mobile

Maybe I don’t understand how stacks are supposed to stack. Here’s the page I am working with Depth theme. Whole site is still in process.

I’m satisfied with the browser unless someone has suggestions. Last time I did a site was about 3 years ago, so I am not a pro. As an aside, how can I get the cart to show in the header?

The mobile interface doesn’t seem to work. Two column stack with stacked columns selected for mobile. Right column and objects within have mobile hidden. I was expecting the left hand column to fill the mobile window. But it looks like there’s the two columns with one hidden.


It looks about like I’d expect when I visit the site. What I see on mobile looks like the column on the left and fills the width of the device.

Maybe I didn’t understand the problem correctly. Can you be a bit more specific about which item doesn’t seem right. Or perhaps provide a screenshot with the problematic bit highlighted.

That is good to see. Here’s what I see on my phone.

is that also what you see in rapidweaver?

if so, then the issue is real. if not then the issue is likely just your browser caching some older parts of your page. try clearing your browser cache, visiting with a different browser, or anther computer.

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