Stacks 4 update - my 2 x columns are all stacked as if on mobile

I opened RapidWeaver to see a stacks update - mine is 4.0.0 - my site has now a number of glitches on full screen view - 2 x columns are stacked on top of each other and single columns have some issues?

Any help welcomed as I can’t seem to correct this issue.

First thing is download the latest stacks update as there have been quite a few updates.

Hi yes I have stacks 4 - I don’t see any updates beyond that from yourhead?

That’s not the latest version. 4.1.2 is the current version.

Do a check for update from the menu.

Hi yes the strange thing is when I go to “manage addons” Stacks is 4.1.2 but in the edit section of RW each element only shows 4.0.0. I tried reinstalling 4.1.2 from manage addons, but it said already installed. I reinstalled anyway but no change when reopening RW.

Just to add that I have started a new project and the same issue, columns do not appear side by side in full width preview on RW. I have not published as I don’t want to mess up the site at this stage. I’m using RW 7.5.5

Is there any reason why you’re using that old of a a version of Rapidweaver?

The final version RW7 was 7.5.5.

What version of macOS are you using?

I don’t know if that might be part of the problem or not.

It was a typo - I have corrected the RW version to 7.5.5 - I had been away from RW for some time and rejoined with RW7, to upgrade its another £56.00 - but I designed this site a few weeks ago using 7.5.5 and it was fine until I opened to do a couple of tweaks last night (with stacks 4.1.2 waiting for me); all of a sudden multiple columns don’t work (in full width preview), they just revert to a single column, left aligned - I also have a few issues with single columns with images that will no longer centre (left aligned in full width preview no matter what I try to do, replace, new stack, new page, etc. - I’m using Catalina 10.15.7.

Okay, I got confused by the typo, I thought you might be using a very old version of RW7.

This may be a similar problem as this post

I have followed the steps and published the page “TEST”, when I preview in Safari the problem is still there

The URL for the test page is Pest Control at Quick Pest Management

Amazingly when published on the web the problem appears to have gone??

I will attach a screen grab of the preview and the actual web page

Actually the final version of RW7 is 7.5.7. Don’t know if that will help with the issue, but maybe worth checking.

You’re right 7.5.7 is the final version of RW7, the last one on release notes is 7.5.5, so I guess the only way to get 7.5.7 would be via the builtin check for updates.

I have a vague memory that one of the last versions of RW7, maybe 7.5.7, said something in the release notes about fixes for compatibility with Stacks4. But it also may not be the case. Too bad we can’t see the release notes for the versions after 7.5.5

Peter @Garro;

Looks like you have found a bug in stacks preview. I was able to reproduce the same thing, I didn’t go through and publish like you did. @isaiah should be able to figure it out and hopefully get a fix out. From you test it looks like it doesn’t affect published sites.

BTW;: this doesn’t happen on RW8.

I just did a test with RW 7.5.7 with Stacks 4.1.2 and the issue persists in the 7.5.7 version as well.

OK thanks for your help , I’ll hopefully await a fix :grin:

I relented and upgraded to RW8 which has sorted all issues at the moment :+1:

i’ve added this to our public buglist here:

i should be able to fix this up in v4.1.3 – thanks for bringing it to my attention. it looks like the small difference in the folder structure of RapidWeaver Preview between RW7 and RW8 is taken into account for one of the css paths.

it should not affect the published content – it’s an issue just with RapidWeaver 7 and only in Preview mode.



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