360 deg Panoramas driven by TotalCMS

I’ve been wanting to integrate panoramas into my sites for some time, I then came across a good library and knocked up a couple of tests as proof of concept.
I’ve now got panorama import/adjustments/viewing fully integrated into a working site: https://www.dma-ni.com/dma_projects/
If you look at either the Jordanstown, Newtownabbey or the Ballyblaugh Road 6, Newry projects you’ll see a row of panoramas, click on any one of them to view it.

I’ve got about 4 more projects where I’ve rendered panos’s, I just need to add them to the site tomorrow.

If you view it on an iPhone or iPad (I assume it work on Android too) you’ll be able to use the device via its gyro to look around


I bow down… :bowing_man:t2:‍♂

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Congratulations for the work done and for the innovative integration of functionality. If on the one hand the work done turns out to be of excellent impact, on the other hand, however, we have to say that 360 deg consumes many resources in terms of battery and overheating (smartphone). But this certainly depends on the amount of data that is used.

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