360 degree Product animation

(Thomas Schulz) #1

Hi guys,

I want to propose my client to have his products animated like here

the question is how do I get it in a RW8 project.

Any hint appreciated…


(Thomas Schulz) #2

The player for those animations can be implemented via iFrame.
Sorry for asking stupid questions :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

(LJ) #3

Have you checked the iframe behaves ok on mobile devices?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

You could use Joe’s 360 Degree Stack

There are options for either mouse over or auto rotate, but not both.

(Thomas Schulz) #5

I’ll get a test and will come back about what’s happening

(Wanni Soave) #6

Just to be on the subject of products at 360 degrees, I want to show you a site that highlights this feature that is, from my point of view, developed really well. Take a look:

(Thomas Schulz) #7

Hi Wanni,

this is what I see. Even after waiting 2 mins.
When I use Safari

Firefox works fine, Chrome and Opera as well.
I did not try Explorer :wink:

But, where can I get those pictures done? And what’s the price?

(Wanni Soave) #8

Hi Thomas, I only view the site with my iPhone and looks awesome. Don’t try with PC and other browser. I’m not the owner of the site and I can’t give you the information you requested. I only want to show to the forum people how interesting and nice looking can be the 360 degrees view for a product. The implementation skill in that site is literally beautiful!

(system) #9

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