404 not found on preview

Anyone knows how to avoid this issue:

If I post this link on a social media as fb or linkedin, I could have the image preview but with “404 non found” error message that is annoying …

Any helps…? Thanks.

Looks like you might have meta tags or a redirect with a different URL.

That’s creating a different conical URL.

  • og:url Meta Tag

Sorry, I’ve taken a look but I don’t know where is the error…

First off you have a bunch of errors in the console. Mixed content being blocked.
Something either in the theme or one or more of the stacks is probably not current.
Make sure you changed the URL in the general settings to https:

You have the meta tags for the og:url set to what looks like an invalid URL:

Are you using some sort of SEO Helper tool? Did you add meta tags manually in the RapidWeaver project? The Twitter tags are wrong as well.

They don’t look to be the RapidWeaver 8 Generated Social tags. They look to be in the wrong location, RW places them at the very top of the head section, yours appear to be farther down like the user head area.

Anyway, I’d worry about the mixed content first. The page is broken right now as active mixed content will be blocked by the browser.

Then tackle the meta tags.

Then run the site one page at a time trough the facebook developer tool

It will show you sharing errors and previews. Once you have it fixed hit the Scrape Again button on the page.

Many thanks. I’m going to verify what you suggest. I use ranking coach for the seo, could it be the origin of this issue…?

My best guess is that’s causing a lot of the problems you are having. Most of these kind of “SEO helpers” don’t really help anyone other than the people selling you the product. Many times they can cause more harm then good.

I’m not really familiar with that product.

I did a quick duck search and found them, but it’s not really obvious what when they say “ rankingCoach provides you small step-by-step tasks” means?

Without knowing what exactly they gave you to put into your site, and without knowing how you put what it’s hard to say how to fix the issue.

If you want to post here what exactly they gave you to place on the site I’d be happy to have a look and see what probably broke the site.

An SEO reality check

  • There’s no magic solution to put your site at the top of the SERP(serach engine results page)
  • Search engines haven’t used metadata in their ranking algorithm in over a decade now.
  • metadata, structured data, titles, and descriptions: only impact what’s displayed on the SERP. And only if it applies to the content of the page in relationship to the search phrase entered. If you can’t see it on the page, it’s not going to help your SERP position.

Spend your money and time producing unique and good content. That’s what both prospective customers want and that’s why search engines look for that.

As for the social meta tags, the one’s included with RapidWeaver 8 work great. Just fill these out on each page.

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