Help With RapidWeaver 8 in London

We continue to experience many problems with this Rapid Weaver product and need to now make a decision as to whether to move to a platform such as WordPress which has a much wider choice of designers able rather than continuing to invest time and money in Realmac products if they are going to have poor search presence, lack of technical support and limited choice of themes and plugins.

I am running version 8.2.1 of Rapid Weaver. I would like to resolve these outstanding issues without further delay.

In the meantime, the following issues have been brought to my attention and I would also like to resolve them:

-Unorganized social media accounts

-Not compatible with all mobile devices

-Google Publisher is missing

-Custom 404 Page is missing

-Website Speed Development (Both Mobile and Desktop)

I suspect that there is also problem is because there is no tag in the title tag of some of the pages that Rapid Weaver creates. These are ultimately auto generated. However, when the pages crawled by Moz no code his sown on several pages and this ultimately negatively impacts on the search results.

I have enclosed a report from Moz as PDF files. I have also attached screenshots of the relevant pages showing that these pages, in fact, do have titles inserted in them. I suspect this is causing us not to rank in search engines.

Secondly, you are aware that I raised a problem with the RSS feed in that this does not work with some of the applications that we work with. There is no error message given. However, the feed will not work with the RSS feed in Moz

If you can help you will be required to work on-site in London, please get in contact by responding to this post with your contact details or by calling our Nottingham Office on 01159 110111

Some of your problems seem rather nebulous. There may not be any specific support for Google Publisher or a custom error page but they’re simple enough to implement.

Unorganised social media accounts? What does this mean?

Website speed development? I used to make WordPress sites and they were much slower than my RapidWeaver ones.

Not compatible with all mobile devices? I suggest you are using the wrong theme.

Poor search results? Just as in WP, this is all down to optimising the pages. Joe’s SEO stacks are an excellent way to tackle this.

Your best bet, if you don’t like the range of themes available (although there are a great many), would be to use a blank framework such as Foundation or Foundry. This allows you to create pages which look exactly as you want them to (something which is almost impossible in WordPress).

I live in Greater London but I’m not sure I could help you. as I’m not sure you know what you want.


Who is using Rapidweaver your end? Are they 100% familiar and experienced with it?

Can you please give me the precise name of the SEO stack and publisher as I cannot find it

I believe he is talking about this stack:

Thanks, @zeebe. That is the stack (actually a whole load of stacks).

Thanks, I will purchase it now and let you know how it goes. I also have just been doing an update and notice that the crawl report is saying the title for the following pages is too long. I have tried to go to page level to override it but to no avail. I will send the page level screenshots shortly. Any ideas?20190730161601_Titles-Too_Long

Just one thing before I head to the check out. I am not using Rapid Weaver with any other stacks do you know if this will work?

You need to be using RW with ‘Stacks’ for it to be able to work with additional add-ons (also called stacks), I’m guessing you’re currently not and just using a ‘theme’?

Once you have that you can build pretty much anything you want. There are plenty of great tutorials on Youtube to see how it works. RW is a totally different beast with Stacks installed.

Forgive me if you already know this… I can’t really work out what you’re after from your first post :slight_smile:

Just brought it and the SEO plug in but cannot see how they work

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