50% off Stacks —And Every Other Plugin — One Day Only

50% off. Every plugin. Including Stacks.

Use the Coupon Code CYBER2018 and Click Here to Get Plugins
Discount taken at checkout.

One day only: Cyber Monday, November 26, 2018
If you wait you’ll miss it.
If you blink you’ll miss it.
If you read any more of this post, you’ll miss it.
OMG it’s about to end. What are you waiting for.
I warned you.

Stacks rarely goes on sale. And a sale this big almost never happens. Don’t miss it. It just began and it’s almost over already.

Every YourHead plugin is on sale**, that includes all the favorites like Stacks 3, PlusKit 4, SiteMap 3, and all the rest too. Buy one, buy them all, or just mix and match to fill out your collection. Half off makes some of them really really cheap. PlusKit 4 is just $9.98 – wow!!!

24 hours and it’ll be done. That’s just 1440 minutes and not a minute more. Well, maybe it’s more like 1438 because it took you a while to read this. It’s 86,400 seconds, which sounds like a really long time, but actually isn’t very long at all. In fact, a lot of those seconds are gone already.

** Offer good for plugins only. Cannot be used with other discounts, bundles, or upgrades. Offer is non-transferable. Plugin registration licenses cannot be transferred, sold, or distributed to others. Look, it’s just half off the price of plugins, nothing fancy, nothing clever, nothing strange. Got it? Good. OK, now you’ve definitely read too much this post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’ve probably already missed the sale because you’ve been reading fine print for 10 minutes. And maybe I’m just writing nonsense here to try to delay you. Maybe if I can get you to read a few more paragraphs, then you’ll have to pay full price. Seriously, stop reading this.


Cyber Monday is almost over. Last chance to save big. Going, going…

I missed it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

pssst… this is totally secret, so don’t tell anyone else…


i might have fibbed a little bit on the whole “ends in 24 hours thing”

you see, there’s all these marketing and SEO websites that say that i have to make people believe that they’re just about to miss out on something in order to get them to actually buy it. in my experience it doesn’t really make that much difference, but i still try it sometimes anyway.

anyway, it’ll probably last a bit longer – at least another day or so. so go get some cheap plugins and smile :smiley:


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