Lots of Black Friday Deals

There are a lot of pretty amazing deals this weekend. 50% off even!!

I’ve been trying to collect them all and retweet on the YourHead twitter account. If you’re looking for a deal today, check it out.


Here are some of the really good ones:

Realmac 50% off!!! Ending soon. Get it while it lasts:

Joe Workman Black Friday Sale:

YabDab 50% off:

There’s a ton more. They’re kind of in free flow right now. Almost the entire RW universe is on sale.

We also may post a little sale of our own too. But you should probably watch our twitter account if you want to get it on that. :wink:



Not forgetting:

Webdeersign 50% off everything for the whole BLACK WEEK!


Sales are also going at Weavers Kingdom: 50% on Friday and 25% off until Cyber Monday:



Don’t forget Themeflood, Stacks4stacks @willwood and Doobox. With 50% off some very clever stuff.


Nick Cates also has 40% off themes and stacks.

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We have two special bundles until next week: a theme and a stacks bundle. Both will give you 50% off compared to the individual purchases. And to get another 50% off, use the code ri12years during the checkout.


early start to monday sale for twitter followers. wink wink :wink:


No InStacks Deals yet?

InStacks had an early sale which ended about a week ago:

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Bummer for me! Ya snooze ya lose I guess. Thanks buddy.


Don’t forget to check out Weavium’s Black Friday Weekend SALE ( ᐛ )و

35% off all products - 45% off 2+ products!

Check it out now!

Weavium Home

We’ve got 3 new stacks out (2 FREE)

Slidetastic - An epic image/content slider with so many options it’s insane

Section - A super cool and simple free stack for creating full width content sections with titles and descriptions

Floating Youtube Video - A unique stack for creating collapsible floating youtube videos that can popup on scroll!


Here’s another great deal, a whopping 52% off the regular price until December 1st. Nice thread btw thanks @isaiah


Wow. That sucks. I was going to buy the Instacks bundle.

The bundle is kinda 10% discounted, as it will be raised by 10€/$ in about 2 weeks time.

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Anyone know if there is any Nimblehost discount? Am thinking about trying Armadillo.

What about @yuzool ? I’d love to get the new Cart2. I don’t see it on sale. I don’t want the bundle, just Cart2.

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Hi Lisa,
Yuzool sent a Black Friday email on Wednesday - I don’t see any deals other than their usual subscription pitch for $90 off bundle.

Yep. That’s why I posted here about the individual stack.

Yuzool has apparently bailed on selling individual products and jumped on the subscription model instead (which I detest and refuse to support. The only reason it works for Adobe is because Adobe owns the Photoshop and Indesign space and know they can get away with it! Adobe couldn’t care less how much they’re hated for going subscription, just check out the forums, countless designers be damned).

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I agree with you. I don’t like being forced to buy other products I don’t want… I did that once with the Oak bundle, and still to this day have only used one stack from it. My opinion, It sucks, big time.