A good, inexpensive monitor?

Hi All,

My now very long in the tooth Cinema Display is showing signs that it’s days are numbered so I’d very much appreciate recommendations for a good and relatively inexpensive monitor for working on RW and related graphics - around 23" - 24". I’m not a gamer so that’s not a consideration.



You didn’t say if you wanted a 4k or 5k. or what kinda of connection you needed (DVI HDMI, Displayport, etc.)?

I have both LG and ASUS, very happy with both brands. Last time I replaced one just went to B& H Photo and Video, on the sidebar of the monitor page, you can refine your search by about anything (brand, connection, Resolution, Screen Size, etc.). They have good prices, free standard shipping and didn’t charge sales tax outside of NY.

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Thanks for the reply Doug!

Actually I think just a standard res monitor for now. I’m mostly a musician, so my budget is quite low - under $300 or so. And i think a matte screen is best? There’s just so many options so it’s helpful to get some advice on brands and models.

I also like B&H - have used them a lot in the past. Will look into LG and Asus models there.

I have a Mac Mini Late 2012, so the connection options are:

Thunderbolt digital video output

Native Mini DisplayPort output
DVI output using Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter (sold separately)
VGA output using Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (sold separately)

and HDMI, but I’ve read that it doesn’t always work well and is limited to 1080p.

Thanks again!

Yeah, it’s monitors with all the types of connections have gotten really confusing.
This is the last one I bought from B&H ASUS 27", a little bigger and $$ than you’re looking for.

I narrowed my list down the last time and got in an online Chat with them, they helped me select the final choice. I’ve had ASUS before, and I like and have LG as well. If I remember, what made me select between an LG and this was the Displayport connection. No “adapter needed” just a cable (DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort), and the guy on the chat gave me the part number for the cable.

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Thanks again Doug. That’s some very helpful info.

Doug - I checked the Asus 27" at B&H and it’s priced at $199 - so actually within my budget.

On the same page the 23" model is $131, so I’m thinking of going for that one as I’d prefer that screen size, and of course that’s well within my budget and looks like a great deal.

Would you mind taking a look and checking the specs on the 23"? The specs look good to me, but I’m not very well versed on monitor specs, so would appreciate your insight. I will also give them a call tomorrow or Monday.


Don’t have the version number at hand. Love my LG 4K 27" Monitor, which was above 300€ of course…

Yeah, a 4k is definitely over my budget, as well as not sure my Mac Mini can accommodate a 4K, but glad to know you’ve had a good experience with LG.

The 23” listed doesn’t look like it has a DisplayPort like the 27” does. Don’t know if you want to have/use an adapter or not. I’m no expert on monitors, and the technology/specification are confusing to me as well. I didn’t want to spend days researching, so I narrowed down my selection, came up with a handful of questions and did the online chat.

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Thanks for pointing that out about the 23" not having the Display Port. Much appreciated as I managed to overlook that important detail. :blush:

I’ll take your advice and talk to B&H. Thanks again!

Do you live somewhere that has craigslist? You can find really good prices for barely used sometimes, especially if not in a rush.

Thanks - good tip! I’m a bit reluctant to buy a used monitor, but I suppose if I could find one that is barely used, that would be good.