Mac Compatible Monitor with webcam and speakers

Good day.

So, I’m looking for a monitor that is Mac compatible - using a Mac Mini (the 2014 model).

24" or less is fine but it needs to have built-in webcam and speakers/microphone. Its for my wife to use for Zoom conferencing and she doesn’t want to have any extra stuff hanging around on the desk so wants everything built-in.

I see monitors out there that fit what I need, but they are all aimed at PCs and not very good at letting us know if they are Mac compatible.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or is anyone using one currently that they are happy with?


Apple makes some wonderful monitors. I believe all current models are 27”, but plenty of 24” models to be found in the various bits of the internet.

Not sure if this particular one has a camera, but they made them with cameras (iSight as Apple likes to call them). Here’s one.