A link that will fire on hover

This seemed kind of easy, but I am having a tough time figuring it out. I would like to setup a link that will fire on hover, rather than on click. In addition, I would like it to fire a light box that will takeover most of the screen and blackout (or whiteout) the remaining background. I tried the BG lightbox idea with Joe Workman’s reveal lightbox in foundation, but it doesn’t seem to do a full blackout, even at 100% opacity, nor does it seem to allow me to change the BG color, even when I change the BG color numbers.

BTW, I recall that with a link, there is either a class or some other command you can add so it fires on hover, I just can’t figure it out…

Thanks in advance!

Is the lightbox to display images or a gallery? Is responsiveness a consideration? If so, how will this work on a mobile device where there are no hover states?

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Both images and a gallery, but it will only be shown on a desktop or tablet. It will be a ghost for mobile.

Hover is not available on tablet either (afaik).
In addition, IMHO it will be quite disturbing for your visitors.

@ instacks - thanks for your opinion, and truly appreciate your taking the time to write, but it will work great with my design. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make this work?

Thanks in advance…

You can do this via JavaScript and jQuery: http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/event_hover.asp

@ instacks - thanks!! :grinning: