How to make this effect?

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I found this site on Rapidweaver inspiration gallery (Rapid Weaver Community)

I am looking for some advices how to achieve similar effect, moving hover text and found out more light box blur photo effect on photo grid. I assume photo it self is just linked to another page. Other good ideas how to pop out from mass are welcome as well.

Is there a stack to get this kind of effect or is it achieved only though combination of html & css?

Thanks for your input!

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Brandon Lee’s Phenom theme

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Which effects are you referring to?

The movement of the top bar on scroll and the hover boxes? All of this can be achieved using Foundation top bar Big White Duck stacks

Chroma Pro
Sections Pro
Sections Box
Top Bar Surgeon

(Rob Beattie) #4

The Photo Grid is done using the Hovermate stack.

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Thanks will look all your suggestions.

@robbeattie It seems site is down. Looking forward to see it.

@devananda Thanks for asking, I tried to refer to these moving text box effects

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If Hovermate isn’t available any more then I’d look at Big White Duck’s Sections Pro and Sections Box stacks. More complicated but WAY more powerful.


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