Hover over part of an image to reveal more info


I like this effect - tap/hover part of the image to reveal more information. To a non-coder like me it looks like it would be very complex and very expensive to do. But does anyone have an add-on that will do this?
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I can’t see the effect because it looks like the site’s behind a paywall.

Is it anything like this?



Thanks for the reply Rob. Sorry you weren’t able to see the image - I can’t now either because now it is behind a paywall as you suggest. The image was actually a group photo of our most recent Australian government ministry. Hovering over the face of each minister revealed a window with information about that politician. Move to another face and a different window appears. So there were various “hotspots” on the one image, each one very specific, and each one revealing a unique window. Hovering over anything other than a face did nothing.
Looking at your example, the effect appears when you hover over the image as a whole. What I saw was like hovering over the button and a window with “Black Button” appearing, or hover over the fingernail and a window with “Red fingernail” would appear.
Bit hard to explain without being able to see the image, but hope this gives you the gist.
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Hi Philip,

I think ‘hotspot’ or ‘image map’ are the keywords. If you type either into the search field on StackCentral you’ll find four stacks that may help you achieve that effect.


Thanks Marten
Exactly what I was looking for

Check out WIll’s HotspotPro stack. www.stacks4stacks.com

Thanks Rob I do like the look of HotspotPro stack. Probably the way to go as I like Will’s work in general. Appreciate the feedback.