A question for the Pros: Can we built this site with RW?

I, am not really new to RW and I use Foundry for the sites I built, together with quite a few third party stacks. Now I stumbled upon this site and I love the navigation workflow:

Do you think such a site could be built with RW?



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Yes I would think so. Only one place to go to get the stacks to build a site like this and that is of course BWD. That site has SectionsPro and SectionsBox and,ation written all over it.

It would be an excellent project to attempt to build using Sections and would be a great way to learn how to use Sections.


@webdeer I’m sure that there must me a way, but the site as lots of interactions built in Webflow.

I think it’s very clever but those animations are already driving me mad. :sunglasses:


The anim’s work well but they’re too slow. I’d say it would be easy enough to come up with something close to it with SectionsPro Anim

SectionsPro works great in Foundry so give it a go. Break it down one animation at a time and then build it up add each layer of animation. It is a complicated site so will take a lot of brain storming and then building but SectionsPro is the way to go.

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Bodged this up for fun: https://www.sandbox.russam.me/blaise/
Only the 1st 2 (Contact, Conditions) do anything.
BluePrint Sidebar, SectionsPro and SectionsBox.

As this is another designers site I won’t be providing any project files, all I’ve done is prove that something along the lines of it could be created in RW/Stacks


Great! I was intrigued by the swipe animation, I do not want to copy the design.

Excellent. These type of questions are like Paul Bait. They always get you:slight_smile:
I should also say that you very likely could not make it in RW without BWD stacks to quite a bit of hand coding…


I’ve punched it up a bit, all 4 pages work though only the 1st two have content


Wow, really nicely done. If you are willing to describe your basic “cooking steps” that would be good to know. For example, side bar uses …

I know you mentioned you could not share the project file. And I understand. This is a very nice implementation. I think I like your implementation more than the original. Thank goodness for Paul Bait.

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BP Sidebar contents:

  • SectionPro 100% high, content centred
    – 4x
    — SectionPro 15% high with an animate that rotates the contents 90deg on page load
    –SectionFix (Top)
    — HeaderPro

and that is essentially it

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Paul: Many thanks. This gives me a nice idea of how to think about designing something with those extra BWD stacks!

But how would I achive the swipe effect?

SectionsPro animate child stack

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