HELP! looking at something like this> Web Design similarity

Hi guys, any idea on which stacks, theme, apps, Adobe etc to use to get something similar as this site ? -Have a look at it, really pleasant site. Great landing page, beautiful graphics, colours, big icons, user-friendly, very easy to understand and navigate.

I’m working on a design on Foundry, looking good but this site get me another idea on design. I’m using Foundry, graphics on Adobe, etc but can go also on Foundation if needed, wonder how to get close to it. I understand it’s not done on RW. Hope someone could give me some directions, Cheers

It looks Bootstrap based so Foundry is the best start. SectionsPro & SectionsBox animation will do most of that animation and then some custom code will be needed to get you close. It is doable but to be honest, if you have the skill to make RW do this, then you will know a much better and quicker way to do it with other tools. Also it will be an enormous amount of work too.

A good approach would be to reduce the animation and build something with the same style.

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Ok Gary thanks so much for the reply :slight_smile:

Will have a try to make a more simple version out of it on Foundry and SectionsPro & SectionsBox animation, the graphics on Adobe etc. If any more suggestions would be more than welcome.


Tino, I think this post in their own blog ( may shed some general light on the philosophy and methodology they use in their web design. This, of course, doesn’t give you any specifics you’ve asked for, but is interesting, nevertheless.

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Sections is probably the way togo. But there’s a theme that has the vertical social icons but different menu maybe you can make it work.

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Custom code - nah :slight_smile: You could do that with SP animate out of the box - I would just take the animation settings out of the inspector and plug them into the animate stack. That is quite basic compared to the average @PaulRussam creation (and I’m not joking).

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Thanks a lot Rob. Will have a look at their blog, din’t saw it. Good observation :slight_smile:
Really great site hè Rob, or what is your opinion on this?

This one looks also very good Have a look at their video, of the PopArt studio team same as on their graphic (hero banner).

Ok thanks Andrew :slight_smile:

SectionsPro/SectionsBox/Sections Animate would chew through that without any problems.
I actually think there’s a lot of missed opportunities for effects, more could have been done with the hot air balloon, I’d use ScrollMate to make it more interactive, also I’d have had a little more fun with the 6 badges like I did with the Services here

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Thanks so much Paul, your examples will be of great help and inspiration :slight_smile:
Cheers :+1:

Is this done on Foundry ?
-looking great!!


Primary tools:

  • Foundation
  • FontPro
  • TotalCMS
  • Impact
  • SectionsPro
  • Grummage

Thanks Paul :+1:
Will try to do it first on Foundry… thanks again for the tips.

Focusing on the animations on part of the home page I agree, but that site is huge and complex.

The cloud animations are pure Sections animations. The icon animation on the right of the home page would be a challenge in RW.

Lots of that site is pretty odd too with all sorts of weird blog feeds obviously done by different groups of developers.

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Thanks Gary for your professional opinion and advice, as always very well appreciated :slight_smile:

So why don’t you make a challenge out of it? Just the homepage, no other sites and to see what we can really make from RW :slight_smile: And the OP can built on it :slight_smile:

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