A question on migration, redirects and email

I admit it, this isn’t really a Rapidweaver question but given the level of technical knowledge here, I thought I’d try it…

An existing site (not Rapidweaver, I didn’t build it) has three domains: .com, .uk and .co.uk. The site is built on .co.uk and the others redirect to it.

I’ve built a new version (also on .co.uk) on different hosting (the brilliant Chillidog) and when the nameservers are pointed to that, I’ll set up the redirects for the .com and .uk domains to that. All ok so far.

However, the existing email accounts are set up on .com. I can set up identical email accounts on .com on my hosting. My question: given that I will be redirecting the .com domain to the .co.uk domain will the new .com email work?

Or should I be approaching this another way (without having to tell them to change their email address to .co.uk ! )



Domains are broken up like this…

NameServers - a List to where all DNS Records are listed.

DNS Records - this is where you say, website is here, Email is here etc

A - A record points to where the website is
MX - MX record is the server where Email sits

Now with the above knowledge, you can forward a website to another domain, but have the email still active on an email server somewhere. If it’s a business and they want super reliable email you could point email to gsuite while still maintaining the website forward to their primary domain.

Hope this helps.

Got it - should all work ok then.



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