RapidWeaver Contact Form

Hello - this is my first post so please be kind :slightly_smiling_face:
Just today moved from Adobe GoLive to RapidWeaver so a steep curve.

Anyway, my test site at www.millennium3.org.uk is up and running but I can’t get the contact form to work.
It clearly doesn’t like my standard email addresses. I have setup my email address on my server (steve@millennium3.org.uk) and selected the “define email address in PHP script” check box in the contact form inspector but it doesn’t bring up a dialog to allow me to enter my SSL server details.

Any pointers gratefully received


I’ve sorted it - all working fine now

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How did you fix it? While I’m happy when our members fix their issues, it would be kind to explain how they fixed it. My contact form doesn’t work either and I just keep running into brick walls like this one. Thank you.


Sorry to hear you’re having contact form troubles! :frowning:

Make sure your host supports PHP mail (vs SMTP mail).

Also, have you tried a different email?

Tried updating but still not working.

Any other recommendations

Thanks, but I’ve given up trying to use a RapidWeaver contact form. They just don’t work, and from the looks of the forums, I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve checked everything from PHP to all kinds of different email addresses, I set my email address to “mailto:[ mailto:cheryl@cherylsmeed.commy email address]” in general settings to no avail. I’ll just throw in some “contact me” links to my email address so at least clients will be able to contact me.


Your email address in settings should only be the actual email, not the rest of the characters you’ve added.

Email: cheryl@website.com and NOT

Email: mailto:cheryl@website.com

Try that :slight_smile:

That’s how is was originally. I only added the “mailto:” to see if it would work. It didn’t work either way.


Did you check to see if your host support php mail?