How is email managed in RapidWeaver

My primary website is called
It was written with Apple iWeb software.

This website has been hosted at Network Solutions for over ten years.
My email account is also parked at Network Solutions.
The email address is:

I am currently rebuilding my original site with RapidWeaver using a throwaway name.
The new site is hosted at Chillidog
When I feel the new site is ready to launch to the public I am planning to host it at Chillidog and reload the files as

My question has to do with what happens to my email?
Is it possible to re-create my old email address and have it associated with the chillidog iteration

or would I just keep the email account at Network Solutions?

You can move your email to chillidog as well.

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I use Chillidog, yes you can recreate your email account with Chilli through cPanel. Make sure the MX record for your domain is pointing to Chilli so email is routed to the new server.

@barchard Greg at Chillidog will sort out the mail transfer for you. You’re in good hands!

:+1: yes we have the services need to host your email. IMAP and POP as well as premium spam filtering.

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