A small gift for the RapidWeaver community

Dear fellow RapidWeavers,

This is the time of the year for presents, so I developed a small gift for the RapidWeaver community: two nice, small stacks to show my gratitude to this wonderful community.

The Blink! and Marquee! stacks bring back the <blink> and <marquee> elements for RapidWeaver users — with stacks that use the latest technology (CSS3 animations and keyframes). Now you can spice up your site with those effects that were so popular back in the nineties!

As usual, you can read all about it (and grab yourself free copies of the stacks) on the product page, where you will also find some demos – including an example of how your site may have looked when you had made it some twenty years ago.

I wish you and yours happy holidays and all the best for 2016!

Marathia Web Design



Hahahaha… looks like the site I took over and did a stage 1 rebuild on earlier this year, working on stage 2 now.

Awesome flashback and thanks for the presents!


Brilliant and sufficiently ‘retro’ to be practically contemporary.

Thanks for the freebies Jeroen.

Happy holidays to you too.

Thanks for the gift Jeroen

Happy holidays to you and family