Free stack for Christmas

Hi there,

Approaching the time of year you may want to add some festive touches to your pages. We are giving away the new Snow stack we just created for free.

So simple to use. A nice intuitive edit mode :

And generates a nice snowfall effect on your page :

Free download link :

See it in action on our home page here :



Thanks Gary. This one also works on my sites where some of the others wouldn’t - presumably because of some conflict. Super stuff.

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The rest of this post left intentionally blank.


What he said!

Still an awesome stack as it is though.

Just pushed out an update that allows you to have the snow contained within the stack it’s self as an option.


Somebody buy this man a cup of tea!

Thanks Gary. A simple but great gift to the RW community. :+1:t2:

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Thanks, Doobox, for this wonderful stack!
And wishing a safe and happy festive season to all my fellow Weavers.

Downloaded, incorporated, works as advertised! Thank you.

Does this require Stacks 3?
Not working for me (Stacks 2) and breaks the page.
Nice effect though.

Brilliant, thank you. Works well for me

Great idea, thanks a lot.

thank you for this. I put it on my site. Works great.

Thanks for the freebie - just fitted nicely into my first RapidWeaver website at
Still a way to go on finishing this, but enjoying getting to know the app.

Seasons greetings to all. Colin

Nice site Colin. Merry Christmas from the US side where snow it coming in big time in the middle of the country. :smiley:

Been using it for a few days now! Really nice snow stack. I combined it with a nice Christmas Banner

Thanks for the free stack. Merry Christmas!

Nice one, just updated for my client with the snow effect (one at the home page is enough).
Thanks so much 10/10.

At just a look at your site Bikespanner… great website mate.

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What are the requirements for a stack? In RW 6 not working.

Should be fine. I’ve got it working in RW6. What theme are you using?