A stack for this? Page loads, then fades to underlying page

I’m looking for a stack that appears when the homepage is opened, then after an adjustable length of time, fades away to reveal an underlying message. The initial page will be a warning to pilots to alert them to a hazard on the runway of a small airstrip (namely, an infestation of deer), then fade to reveal the standard homepage of the airstrip. This warning is not time or date sensitive, but rather would be posted semi-permanently.

If there is a stack (or other means) to accomplish that, please advise.

Thanks so much for your help!

Something like this?

Fancy Intro by Stacks4Stacks https://stacks4stacks.com/fancyintro/ does something similar to what you’re looking for.



Thanks to all for the suggestions. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • 1LD’s Notice is the most promising for my needs, though it seems to lack an expiring cookie that would allow re-showing content after a period of time, ie., 10080 minutes/seven days. I’ve submitted a ticket to 1LD about that.
  • SoftLanding was also promising, with its expiring cookie, but the stack doesn’t seem to be responsive.
  • FancyIntro seemed limited to a slightly dated opening reveal.
  • Page Flux struck me as a bit Batman-like with its page flips, spins, and other animations–but no plain dissolves that I could find.

Thanks again!

Check out Gateway:

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Gateway has everything I asked for…special thanks to Mathew for this tip.

S4S even says “it’s possible to have multiple Gateway stacks in use on the same website…[by] giving each Gateway stack a unique ID. To do this, simply change the number you see in the Cookie ID box, within the Gateway settings,” though there’s no Cookie ID box to be seen on the Gateway Demo stack I have. Perhaps that box appears in the paid version.

No matter, Gateway will meet my needs. I’ll ask Will about that box later.

Thanks again, Mathew.

I’m Not at a mac now, but what happens when you check the “Cookie Tracking” check box?

@NavionDriver Glad to help. I’ve never used the multiple IDs feature myself: always needed just one to a page. But I don’t see the Cookie ID box either (and I have a paid version, though really there’s no difference with the demo version in terms of features).

@willwood Will be able to answer simply enough. He lives in Britain so you may not hear back from him until sometime tomorrow.

Here’s what I see with Cookie Tracking checked:

Gateway is working well…even better than I thought.

By creating duplicates of the original content within a ‘parent’ Gateway stack, then changing content within each ‘child’ of the parent and tweaking the timing of each succeeding layer, I am able to have content appear then be replaced with more content, then have the entire group of Gateway stacks disappear from view. Sweet!

I’m curious to know if there’s a way to have a Gateway stack appear once, then never appear again (until the cookie is deleted)…

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