Screen Saver type stack- Hide content show Other content

Hey All,

I am looking for a way to hide the current page and show other content after a certain amount of inactivity.
Almost like a screen saver…

I looked at idle timer stack, I thought maybe that used with impact (in full screen mode) might do it but it’s not quite what i’m after.
Any Ideas?

Thanks, Scott


You could use Joe’s Impact stack in combination with his Auto Refresh Stack to redirect to a different landing page…

With Idle timer stack, who is the issue with the look you’re after?

I don’t think Tardis will do the job you wish, but there might be another show/hide type stack that can show Impact until it is clicked or something of the sort which would hide the impact stack and bring fourth the reader of your content.

The problem here is that the content will be loaded unless a redirect is applied and ‘hidden’ maybe only partially by Impact. I haven’t what you’re trying to do but it sounds feasible I just wish I had a definitive answer for you.


Just a thought

HThanks Brad,
Not sure auto refresh stack will work, unless it doesn’t trigger until no activity. Docs didn’t mention that so I think it’s a straight up timer.

I need something that will trigger after X seconds of inactivity and redirect.

What I want to do is basically bring up another page if the user is inactive for 5 minuets, like a screen saver does, only with my content.

I think calling an impact page is the answer to the redirected page the question is how to do the redirect only after X seconds of inactivity.


@joeworkman’s Expose stack has a timed launch setting.

I did a test with Impact and it worked nicely.

However, that still doesn’t solve the inactivity conundrum.

I don’t know of any stack that works this way.

Your best is to request the feature be added to a stack like the Auto Refresh stack or Expose.

Alternatively, you could build your own solution or pay someone to build the solution for you.

Here is a jQuery Demo that is a piece of the puzzle.

Thanks For the link Brandon.
Idle timer stack can handle the idle time but no redirect, it loads what ever stack you put inside I think, maybe I’ll play with that one and maybe find a way to trigger a redirect.


My bad, I misread you original post. I didn’t realize you were referring to a stack that already existed.

Lol, no worries Brandon, you got me thinking at least. Maybe I can use some other combo inside if the idle timer stack. I guess I will just have to experiment a little if there isn’t actually a stack that will do it.

This is a fun puzzle. I’m thinking about it too.

PrivatEyes might be an option at part of a solution. I believe it is php based.

Another Piece of the puzzle.

We’re getting close.

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I think I may have a solution. Are you using Foundation?

Yes foundation will be the base

awesome, I have to go watch a show with the wife.

I can put together my idea after she goes to bed.

However the gist it to use `var idleTime = 0;
$(document).ready(function () {
//Increment the idle time counter every minute.
var idleInterval = setInterval(timerIncrement, 60000); // 1 minute

//Zero the idle timer on mouse movement.
$(this).mousemove(function (e) {
    idleTime = 0;
$(this).keypress(function (e) {
    idleTime = 0;


function timerIncrement() {
idleTime = idleTime + 1;
if (idleTime > 1) { // 20 minutes
alert(“time out!”);

But replace thealert(“time out!”);` with a trigger class

Thanks Brandon, I’ll check back tomorrow, getting late for me. I appreciate your help.

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Very Cool Brandon,Thanks for messing with it.
Almost there;
I haven’t published a test page but in preview, it seems to stop the impact slide show from running (I always see slide 2) and will need to figure out how to have a full screen “Link” so that when they click/tap anywhere it sends them to a page, But I can definitely see the possibilities.
Thank You!

Hmmm… I’ll have to take a look at impact.

I can add a redirect on click and a close on click option later.

For now I would try using @joeworkman’s Link stack

MovingBox2 seems to work fine.

@joeworkman and/or @tav, any ideas why Impact wouldn’t be working?

By the way, @swilliam, what is the specific use case you are using it for?

Thanks so much @Brandon,

Okay so here’s the project:
I do volunteer work for a non profit art center. I was able to get a pile of android tablets donated. We are going to mount one on the wall outside each artist studio that will be a sudo-Kiosk so that if the artist isn’t there the visitors can still see some of their work, read their Bio, watch a video from them, send them an email etc.

The whole thing will just be a website (with a set of pages for each studio) I’m using Joe’s foundation and CMS so that the staff can “manage” the content on each kiosk.

Then, I had the bright idea of being able to “sell sponsorships” for each kiosk so that when they are idle they can run a slide show of logos. “This Kiosk sponsored by:…” type of thing.

I know its a convoluted - cobbled together type thing, but hey, it’s a non profit, can only afford free, LOL

The last piece I need is the screen saver/slideshow solution

I really appreciate your help!

Well you asked so …
Your stack has a serious error in the html. The div opening tag is not present in edit mode but the closing tag is present. While not as catastrophic as the other way around you can easily break stacks edit mode in situations like this. Be very careful.

Allso your CSS should be scoped to your stack instance rather than the foundation reveal modal class. You will override every Foundation modal on the page like this not just the one you have created.

The most worrying aspect though is the JavaScript file. The logic in your timer function is very wrong You invoke before the doc.ready function but more seriously you are calling the doc.ready function within the tinier and re-initialising foundation as well on every tick of the timer

Also why the need for two doc.ready functions in your stack JS. ???