I need Count Down timer for a project…

I need Count Down timer for a project…

I saw the stack, Liftoff. (https://www.weavers.space/stacks/liftoff)

I also watched the demo video created in 2011.

Before purchasing I want to verify it will work with Foundation 6.

Can anyone verify it works still after 10 years? Or, any alternative stacks?


There both by @joeworkman, so I would guess that it should work, but Joe can say for sure.

Advanced Publisher at Stacks4Stacks

Simple to use. A top section allows you to place what you want to appear when setting sets a time you set. A bottom section shows what you want to appear before or after that. I use it for sale items going on and off sale at midnight.

Also check out “Expiry” - It allows for a stack to show or not show either “before” a set time or “after” a set time. You can use two on a page and show one thing before “X” time and another after.

I think DEMO is still offered so you can actually use them before you buy to see if they do what you want.


Will’s work is great - I also like 1LD’s (one little designer) Timed Content. It has a lot of styling options and does a lot. https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/timed-content/

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Awsome. Thanks!

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