A sticky menu or custom stack area only visible when needed?

Hiya Weavers, I have an image with link buttons at the top of my page, but when scrolling down the page it is lost at the top and the viewer needs to scroll back up to the menu items.

I’m after placing a sticky menu to kick in, when down the page past the top area, I have a ton of menu stacks but none of them seem to be able to be made invisible when initially in view, they trigger fine to their sticky status past their initial visibility.

In summary, I’m only after the sticky element showing, not the normal non-sticky menu status.

I use Foundation 6 so have played about with some of the regular features of Foundation 6 components. Did find that if I add ‘Sticky’ component I get a template or pre-constructed element that says missing required stacks, I’m guessing this is a pre-built element made of additional stacks I don not have.

Any ideas really welcomed.


Solved a few minutes of hacking away at the problem, I posted too soon, but will leave this up as reference for somebody else searching.

Really simple and obvious, just hide visibility for small, medium and large on the menu, the sticky element still shows regardless. I’m using 1LD Clean Menu by the way, but am sure it is a likely solution for others.

Probably the Pen stack, it’s a free download and it is used quite extensively in the F6 templates. Probably a good idea to get it for examining the other F6 templates.

Thanks Paul, you legend! That’s really helpful just downloaded and installed and it displays, I didn’t know that about Pen. With it being free I wonder why Joe doesn’t just bundle it in with the Foundation 6 install as it is required for his templates. Anyway that’s great thanks.

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It is bundled with Foundation as of v6.8. It gets installed for any new installations.


Ah! I see! Top man Joe, I’ve not got it in the updates, just had to manually install, but am guessing it is for a fresh install?

Correct. It’s not a part of Foundation. It’s installed alongside it for new installs.

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