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Joe’s videos are great to get started, but I’m stuck and looking for more info.

This site is made with the old Foundation:

I’m stuck on recreating that exact menu with Foundation 6. I’ve encountered several roadblocks (dividers, sizing, positioning) but my MAIN problem is that I need the breakpoints to turn into a sticky Hamburger and open a drill down. I just can’t figure it out. I’ve tried the topbar stack, but find it’s not working for me. How do you really control the hamburger?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Did you get the free F6 Templates pack? There is a Top Bar template in there that should be a great starting point.

Thanks Joe, I did. It kinda seems like the stacks and swatches in the templates are an older version and don’t always show all the details in their settings with the latest version of stacks and foundation 6. So it gets a bit confusing. I’m still working on it and struggling, but was wondering if there is maybe a list of classes like .hamburger or something that I can get fine control over?

P.S. unrelated, when the swatches stack is in a partial, they get all squished and unreadable. Is this a known bug? Or is it just me?

This was fixed in Foundation 6.8 that I just released minutes ago…

The easiest way is to learn how to use the browser dev inspector. Watch some of the videos on

Also look at the Foundation docs at

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Wow, what service haha :slight_smile:
Except now:

Foundation Version Warning

The version of your Foundation stacks and theme are not in sync. Do you have the theme set to Foundation 6? If so, please ensure that both the theme and stacks are up to date.

Already fixed.

I’m not sure that the fix fixed it?

You updated the stacks and the theme?

I did, from inside Rapidweaver, but the version mismatch persisted. Now there are no updates available. And now, when I check addons, the theme is still 6.7.5, and no further updates are found.

I tried manually downloading the theme from your site, that fixed it. I think there’s something broken with the internal updating of the theme. Rapidweaver doesn’t think 6.8.1 is greater than 6.7.5

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Had the same issue, had to manually update the theme from the F6 product page.

OK. Theme update is all fixed. You may get prompted to update to v6.8.1 again. Go ahead and do so. The code is the same but the update info has been fixed.

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Yes, got the new theme update pop up window and it updated correctly :slight_smile:

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