On a F6 site is there a stack that provides a floating menu

I read some stuff re floating menus on a mobile but is there a stack for F6 that provides a floating menu at the top of the page, and stays there as you scroll down?

you can “stick” a menu in F6 so that it stays visible when scrolling

Doesn’t seem to work on mobile? Not at least if you are using the RW TopBar Template. It sticks fine if you are not in mobile.

Sorry I must be missing something, how do i stick it?

There is a “Sticky” stack in F6.

In my F6 stack library I do not have a ‘Sticky’ stack?

Sorry scrap that, I have sorted it out… many thanks

Looks like the default for sticky is to be stick on medium not small. Thazt’s why I couldn’t get it to work on mobile.

That stucks.

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