A Theme to Publish an A5 Booklet

I publish a Parish Magazine online at

The printed Magazine is an A5 booklet (4/5 A4 sheets folded in half).

I take screen shots from a Word document and drag them into RW 7.3.

(If anyone can suggest a quicker way, please let me know.)

At the moment I am using the “Ideal” theme, but am looking for a more compact theme that views easier on a mobile phone.

Voyager looks promising, if I could remove the sidebar?

I like the hidden menu feature.

The background has to be white, so that the screenshots display as text.

I like the fact that you can override the site banner.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



I would look at magazine stack by Weaver Themes - http://preview.weaverthemes.com/magazine/ - or similar (1LD used to make one but not sure if it’s still around.


It is the whole site that I want to view more easily on a mobile phone.

Sorry that my post didn’t make that clear.

At the moment one can download an A5 .pdf to your phone and read it page by page.

This seems to work OK.

Interesting idea though.



I finally worked out how to remove the sidebar in the “Voyager” theme.

It’s strange that you can spend hours looking for something, then as soon as you post a question you find the answer.


Have you try to get a PDF of the word document, using MS Word? I Recommend once finished the book, have different copy of each page in PDF and place it where you want. Hope this help.

That seems to work OK.

It is the whole site that I want to view more easily on a mobile phone.

Sorry that my post didn’t make that clear.



The problem with the PDF’s is that they are NOT to read on mobile phone, due to the size of the screen, also if you could enlarge it, have to be spend too much time trying to read it.
Have you consider using RW with a responsive template. Every time you published it could be read in all devices, from full size to phones, no matter the brand or size. That means that you don’t have to worry about size, and spend all your effort in writing. Expand it and it will work always.
Had a page with past issues, so readers can check recent or old ones. Hope this help.

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Voyager Pro looks promising.
It is a responsive theme with
Sticky navigation bar, ExtraContent Areas, Override Site Banner.
Adam Shiver of elixirgraphics has been very helpful.