Rapidweaver 7 - theme problem?

Hi there - I’m using Rapidweaver 7 still… and one of Michael David’s themes - Endeavour.
Layout and preview of the site I’m building looks great but as soon as I publish it, the formatting and text is all out of whack and looks awful - nothing like the preview! The images fill the page, the text is shifted out of sequence etc etc.
Does anyone have any idea why? It’s a very simple site with a banner slideshow, columns, text, headers etc - nothing fancy!
Any help would be much appreciated!

Can you republish all files?

Hello Jan - yes, I did republish…several times - same result!

If you give us a URL, it will help to help you more effectively.


Thanks Rob - I don’t have a live site to look at - had to republish the old site as the new one was so bad…
it seems to be only the front page…attached screenshot of what it should look like vs the live front page…

The 3 small images + text are in a 3 column stack and the one large live site one is not how it should be!

This is what it should look like…

Are you using Will’s Porthole stack?

No - just 3 column stack with left aligned images - I did the circular images myself…

Really hard to know without a URL but, you could try re-creating the page from scratch.

  1. Create a new page and remove it from the menu so no-one can see it.
  2. Then slowly re-create the page, one element at a time, publishing the page each time and checking it until it ‘breaks’. Then you’ll know the culprit.
  3. You might also find it doesn’t break at all because the problem is down to some off sequence of steps you made when creating the original page which somehow buggered things up.

It’s all I can suggest at this stage.


Thank you for your help Rob - I’ll try that this evening…

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