Abandoned cart recovery and retargeting past visitors

(Kingsley) #1

Hi team,

Is anyone aware of any stack or process that can assist with recovering abandoned carts in a site built with Rapidweaver?
Likewise is there a stack to integrate “retargeting” past visitors?
Thank you very much.


(Jason Bostick) #2

The new Cartloom has this built in. I can’t competently relay all the details but this was definitely mentioned during the Cartloom presentation at the Rapidweaver Conference.

Maybe @nickcates or @yabdab can better explain.

(David) #3

This stack might help for targeting returning visitors…

(Nick Cates) #4

@Do_again Yes! Cartloom’s abandon cart feature is amazing! We track what customers wanted to buy, allow quick discount generation and instant email response. We even offer auto email response base on times you set - it’s pretty dang good. Sign up is free, and we offer free account plans too: http://www.cartloom.com

(Kingsley) #5

Thank you very much.
I will give the suggestions a try.
Very grateful.