Cartloom 4 Beta - Open to All!

Due to some confusion regarding our “Promo Deal”, announced on Monday, we have decided to scrap the idea of charging for beta access.

Starting today, ALL users will now have access to the Cartloom 4 beta.

Current users only need login to their account and they will find a CL4 Beta button at the top of the page.

Not a current Cartloom user? Well then checkout the CL4 promo page for an exciting video and list of features.

There you can sign up and use Cartloom 4 for free during the beta period.

We are excited to be making Cartloom the easiest, feature-rich and best e-commerce solution for RapidWeaver. :slight_smile:


@yabdab Will the pro forever deal come back on the table? Was heading to the site today to sign up


I was wondering about this too…

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There is a chance we will bring it back “in-app”, when we get closer to release.


So I paid for this yesterday…Any chance of a refund?

Yes, so Cartloom 4 sign ups are free, everyone jump in and get your feet wet! Early user reviews have been overwhelmingly postitive - which we’re thrilled to hear :grin:

All that said, Joe Workman is hosting the upcoming RapidWeaver Conference, and I’ll be doing indepth into Cartloom 4’s selling features, and RapidWeaver integration! If interested, grab your tickets now:

I’m very possionate about Cartloom 4’s feature set, and can’t wait to speak at the conference - see you there!

Absolutely, send your request to

Any chance your Cartloom 4 talk will be available after the conference. I don’t have the time available to participate. Willing to pay for it :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I remember Joe Workman was going to make the videos available after the conference (not sure the cost…)

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If you’re enjoying the new Cartloom 4, please gives us a like! Loving it? We’d love a review: